Web marketing and the ideal user

When it comes to marketing your company, services or products online, there are many things to consider. From design principles to the technicalities of website developing, web marketing plays an important role at each stage of a websites development. And this includes identifying and targeting the ideal user. Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we are SEO and web marketing experts, and we work across Lancashire, from Chorley to Southport, and everywhere in-between. As a result, we have produced this guide to web marketing and the ideal user.

What is an ideal user?

First of all, we need to identify the characteristics of the ideal user. For different companies with different aims, the ideal user will obviously be different too. However, there are similarities across the board that allow you to identify the ideal user. For example:

⦁ an ideal user might be regularly engaged with your website or social media
⦁ an ideal user could be someone who regularly purchases your products or services
⦁ an ideal user could be someone who recommends your company to others

Essentially, the ideal user for any company is one who really engages with and is invested in your company. In contrast, the average user is the type that maybe shops once, but comes back to your website and leaves things in the shopping basket, never to return to purchase them.

web marketing and the ideal user

Web marketing and the ideal user

Focusing on the ideal user, instead of your average user, is a fantastic web marketing strategy that can promote company growth.

Developing your website around the ideal user means that you can create a much better user experience. One with the needs of the ideal user in mind. Whether this includes better links to the shopping cart, or an improved call to action system, any changes you make or designs you develop, need to have the ideal user in mind.

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