Improve your web marketing with email strategy

When thinking about web marketing and SEO, we at Pumpkin Web Design are experts. We work with clients and customers across Preston, Blackburn, Southport, Chorley, and Wigan to deliver quality SEO and web marketing results. But if your website is not pulling in the amount of traffic that you would like from the search engine results page, and your social media presence is flat-lining, what can you do? This is where email strategy comes into play. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you improve your web marketing with email strategy.

improve your web marketing with email strategy

Why email?

Email is a form of marketing in its own right, but its one that ties in very closely to everything else you do as a company online. Email can be used to target previous customers and bring them back to your website, as well as to target potential customers who may have signed up with you. This is a great way of reaching out directly to improve your online presence. However, to use email to boost conversions, you need to have an email strategy.

How to improve your web marketing with email strategy:

#1 – Get to the point

Make sure the customers needs are at the forefront of your email. This means making sure you tell them the purpose of your email right at the start. And tell them what you can offer.

In addition, people opening emails on mobile devices are highly unlikely to read them. As a result, your opening line needs to grab their attentions and bring them in. This is because the opening line will be shown to the viewer on the mobile device, before they even open your email. So, they will make a decision about whether or not to read your content, based on this snippet.

#2 – Make sure you spellcheck

Sending out an email, directly to potential customers, that has spelling or grammar mistakes is a sure fire way to make your company look bad. Don’t take the risk with your reputation, always spellcheck.

#3- Pay attention to your close

How you an end an email is really important. Test out different closers, while keeping everything else the same, and choose the option that produces the higher amount of click throughs.

You can improve your web marketing with email strategy. Contact the experts at Pumpkin Web Design to find out more.

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