Content marketing boosts conversions

Content marketing boosts conversions

Content marketing is a great option for any company, large or small, local or international. In fact, content marketing can dramatically influence your efforts online, bringing a range of benefits to your website and your social media presence. But the biggest advantage of content marketing is the effect this can have on your conversion ratio. Whether you want your website users to sign up to your mailing list, book your services, or buy your products, content marketing can play an important role in persuading your users to do any of these things. But how?

What is content marketing?

So, first of all, what exactly is content marketing? Well, content marketing is simply the process of creating high quality, informative and original content for your website. This is content that is generally designed to be shared across your social media, and is content that will also improve your SEO, by targeting a range of relevant key words and search terms. Blogs and articles are a great way to achieve put content marketing into practice, and simply creating one piece of content a week can have a huge impact on your website visibility on search engines, and your social media engagement.

Although content marketing can deliver this range of benefits, its important to remember that your content is also aiming to increase your conversion ratio. So, how can professional content achieve this?

How can content marketing boost conversions?

Content marketing can help to increase your sales, booking and sign ups, in a number of ways.These include:

  • Increasing awareness- great content can be shared across your social media platforms, and is also designed to be shareable. This means that people who read your content, are more likely to share it themselves, increasing the reach of your content, and your company, quickly and easily. By reaching more people, you can increase brand, service and product awareness, and this can ultimately lead to more conversions.
  • Linking your products/services- great content should also link directly back to whatever you are trying to sell. Whether you want people to book your services, or buy your products, content marketing can work as a great advertisement for your products or services. And linking your content to your product or services page, means that ordering or purchasing is quick and easy for your potential customers, creating a positive user experience.
  • Increasing traffic- great content marketing, that involves regular updates and high quality content can drive more traffic to your website organically, through both your social media, and your increased search engine ranking. More traffic means more opportunity for conversions, and ultimately more sales and sign ups.
  • Building brand authority- great content marketing can help your company to bank up important industry information for your potential customers and clients to use. This should also help to provide answers to questions that your website users may have, and it helps to show how much industry knowledge your company has. All of this can help to boost the standing of your website and help to build trust with customers, who may then be more likely to make a booking or purchase.

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