The role of high quality backlinks

Top quality content, great social media management, and high quality backlinks, often underpin the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy for businesses. And if a company can secure each of these aspects, they are more likely to land in a higher position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Which leads to more traffic, and ultimately, more sales. But getting the balance right for content, social media, and backlinks is important. Especially as each of these points in the triad, influences another. And backlinks can be the defining factor when it comes to your company’s success online. Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are Preston’s leading web design and web marketing professionals. We provide valuable web design, SEO, and content marketing solutions to a range of clients, across the North West, including Southport and Wigan, as well as Manchester. As a result, we have produced this guide to the role of high quality backlinks.

The role of high quality backlinks

Content, social media and backlinks are three aspects of web marketing that can transform your company from a chronic low performer, to a best in show. So how do they work together as part of a web marketing strategy? Well:

  • For a website to serve it’s potential customers, it needs great content. And not just basic content on the services pages. In depth articles and blogs will add value and give your viewers more relevant information, increasing your domain authority.
  • At the same time, content also provides something for you to share on social media. And sharing content that is informative and original can provide value to your customers, and build your online persona. Great social media content is more likely to be shared and enjoyed by a wider audience, which will all provide more traffic linking back to your website. Which is good news for your backlinks.
  • Finally, great content also gives other companies the reason and opportunity to link to yours. Especially if you are writing about something relevant to their industry, and their readers This kind of link is incredibly valuable to your website, and is known as a natural link.

Understanding a good quality backlink

Not all links are born equal. And while it’s great that less successful websites might want to link to your website, it’s not necessarily going to have any bearing on your SERP or SEO as a whole. That’s because a low-quality backlink, either from a website or blog with low authority, or from a website that is not relevant to yours, is not going to boost your domain authority. In fact, search engine algorithms will probably ignore this link. And five to ten low quality backlinks a month will only alter your SERP ranking, if everything else remains the same. Including your competitors. So this is highly unlikely. But you can get good quality backlinks. These are links that are to:

  • websites with a consistent amount of traffic and readership
  • websites that rank highly for their relevant keywords
  • websites that offer high value to visitors
  • websites that are authoritative

For more information about understanding a good quality backlink, and content creation to secure this, get in touch with the experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design.

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