Understanding the Freshness Algorithm for SEO

Keeping up to date with latest Google algorithm and developments can help your company perform well on the search engine, leading to an increase in organic traffic. But even past updates are important to consider, and one that is frequently overlooked i the freshness algorithm update of 2011. This has developed over the years and changed that way that search results are ranked and displayed. So what do you need to know about the Freshness Algorithm?

What is the Freshness Algorithm?

In 2011, the freshness algorithm was released and this marked a significant development in the search engine algorithm. This development marked the start of search results being better tailored to user intent, and using time as a relevant factor for ranking results. In practice, this allowed Google results to show content that is trending, regularly occurring (like a yearly event), or subject to frequent updating (like new product models). Responding to the difference in this type of content allowed Google to provide more informed and useful results.

How has the Freshness Algorithm developed?

Over time, the freshness algorithm has developed to provide more effective search results for users. some examples of this development include:

  • Top stories section for news, where content is organized by recent events and trending topics
  • Regularly occurring events like sports games or TV shows now have dedicated knowledge panels and tabs for relevant content
  • Recognising the most recent and relevant information for content that is frequently updated

How does the Freshness Algorithm impact SEO?

Understanding the the freshness algorithm can help to boost your SEO in a number of ways, including:

  • Creating trending content
  • Updating your website content frequently

Creating trending content for SEO

Trending content is content that is currently experiencing a higher than normal boost to search. This could be related to a current event or a shift in online discussion, as well as something related to seasonal content. With the freshness algorithm, content that is trending is likely to see a boost in ranking position, or be listed in the “top stories” section. Either of these outcomes means that content you produce, that is relevant to your company and to the tending topic, and is useful to users, is more likely to be placed in a position to be seen. This can result in an increase in organic traffic to your website,boosting brand visibility and potentially leading to an increase in sales and sign ups.

Updating your website content frequently for SEO

When it comes to product and service pages and descriptions, keeping content fresh and updated when relevant and appropriate can help your company to maintain a high ranking position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is thanks to the freshness algorithm which identifies content updates and helps direct searchers to the most recent of results. As a result, you could continue to outperform your competitors by making updates to your products and services pages and content more frequently.

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