How to use Twitter to generate traffic

adding value with social media

Search engines are no longer the sole source of traffic. Social media has become an increasingly important method of gathering customers and producing sales. In fact, experts believe that just over half of the clicks through to a website come from a social media platform. With this in mind, it is clearly essential that your online marketing strategy takes into consideration the benefits of social media. With Facebook being the main player, Twitter is often overlooked. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are web marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you maximise your twitter potential.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Twitter uses hashtags to divide traffic into relevance. Want to see pictures of puppies? Easy, just type #puppies into the search bar. Of course, this clearly will work for people looking for particular products or services, e.g. a bakery. Use meaningful tags that are relevant to what you are posting. As a result, you will generate genuine traffic and interested customers.


As a company, using your branding is essential on your Twitter profile. Branding will help new and existing customers recognise your company and trust what you post. To support this further, try to get your account verified. This proves that your profile is credible.

However, branding isn’t solely related to your profile. Instead, you should consider your company message and aim throughout all your posts and engagement on Twitter. It is critically important that you remain on brand and professional.


On Twitter, quality is more important that quantity. Retweeting and tweeting regular posts, that may not be relevant, can push customers away. In addition, it will hide the important posts that you want your customers to see. Consequently, we recommend that you post only top quality tweets that will help you build an online community.

In summary

Twitter can really boost traffic to your website. This traffic provides more opportunities to convert viewers into customers, and so can boost your sales. By using the relevant hashtags, good and consistent branding, and quality posts, you can make full use of Twitter. For all your web marketing needs, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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