We were nominated as a top UX Company by Welp Magazine

In a recent list, WELP magazine nominated us here at Pumpkin Web Design as one of the top UX design companies across the UK. We were thrilled with this nomination that used data from SEM rush and Crunchbase to compile the showcase article. But what is UX design? And how do we go about providing the best possible experience for our clients, and their audience, here at Pumpkin Web Design?

What is UX design?

UX design stands for user experience design. And this is all about website design that is catered on the human user, and what they need. In the late 1990’s this term was coined by Don Norman, a cognitive scientist and co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group Design Consultancy. And this is his description of UX design:

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

The “user experience” part refers to the interaction between the user and a product or service, which for us is the website that we design and maintain for our clients. The design part of this considers all the different elements that shape this experience, and focuses on designing these elements in a way that will have the most purpose and use to the ultimate website user.

How do we create websites with high quality UX design?

There are a number of ways in which we create stunning websites for businesses and companies, exceeding expectations for UX design. These include:

  • Researching the audience- for UX design, understanding the audience, and their needs and requirements, is an important consideration. We can’t meet these requirements, unless we know what they are, and how to best resolve any problems, or barriers that might occur.
  • Understanding the purpose- the best websites that are tailored to providing a positive user experience are based on an understanding of the purpose of the website, and each website element. This understanding can determine the best positioning, placement and intuitive design so that your website users know exactly which button to press, and what to expect from each interaction with your website.
  • Focusing on functionality- while UX design might refer to the visual design design details, it is easy to think that this is all that is required. In actuality, the design of the functional and practical aspects are also crucial for providing a positive user experience. After all, your users have particular expectations when interacting with buttons and links on your website, and if these are not met, and your website users end up at a 404 or error page, they will not form the best impression of your company as a whole.
  • Responsive design- the responsibility of providing a great user experience doesn’t end with desktop users. Instead, you should create professional, responsive websites that look great and maintain the same quality across the full range of devices. At least, that’s what we do, here at Pumpkin Web Design.

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