What to do when web projects go badly

There are many aspects to meeting the needs of your web site or web marketing project. From e-commerce technicalities to simple design flaws. As a result, problems and bumps will occur from time to time. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we have provided web solutions to many companies and business for almost ten years. Many companies come to us when their web projects just aren’t meeting their needs. Consequently, we have produced this guide to help you manage a bad web project.

Stay calm and communicate

It is often cheaper and quicker to continue using the web design company until the project has been completed. As a result, when things begin to go wrong, our first piece of advice is to communicate. The chances are that whatever is going wrong has been spotted by the web design team. Hopefully, they will already be working on resolving the issue, or at least researching how to. This is where communication is very important. When things are going wrong, it is often a great time to reiterate what you want from the project. Don’t compromise on quality. Make sure you communicate at the first instance of an issue, either through a face to face chat, an email, or a phone call.

Review the project

If you have lost faith in your web design company, why not get in touch with someone who can review the progress being made. It can be hard as a business to know how well the web project is developing, if you know little about web development. This is because much of the process takes place behind the scenes. If you don’t think your web project is moving fast enough, or progress is being made, you could get a professional auditor to review the project. A professional opinion about a bad web project will allow you as the client to move forward.

bad project

Get a new company

If you have communicated and audited, and still aren’t happy with your web design project, it may be time to find a new company. Here at Pumpkin Web Design we are more than happy to take on projects that need a change of direction. We are dedicated to making web solutions for companies that genuinely work. Why not contact us today?

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