Advantages of SEO and brand identity

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When it comes to your online presence, you may think a website is enough. But unfortunately, having a website is not the same as an advert in the yellow pages. Sure it has the contact details, and the best website, just like the best ad in the old days, gets the most customers, but that’s about all the two have in common. In fact, even the way the best website is chosen and selected is totally different to how a potential customer would choose the best advert in the yellow pages. Google’s algorithms actually determine if your website is worthy of positioning in the top spots, and this is what will land you the customers. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play.

Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are SEO and web marketing experts, and from our base in Preston, we work across Lancashire from Southport to Wigan. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of SEO and brand identity.

advantages of SEO and brand identity

What are the advantages of SEO and brand identity?

There are many advantages of SEO and brand identity, but the two key points are:

  • Brand awareness- Linking your on page and off page SEO strategy to your brand identity will raise brand awareness.
  • Increased conversions- The SEO will bring in organic traffic, but the company branding will need to sell to the customers

Let’s take a closer look…

What is SEO?

First of all, lets take a look at what SEO actually does. Optimising your websites for search engines means:

  • improving load times and optimising images and videos
  • having the correct pieces of code so that your website can be crawled by search engines so they can rank your website as a result to a relevant search.
  • using the correct language including keywords based on relevant and expected search terms to make sure that your website lands in the top spots
  • linking your website together with a fantastic structure that is easy for google (and customers) to understand

What is a brand identity?

But SEO isn’t the only thing that will help you. After all, potential customers use more than one avenue to find services that they are looking for. So while SEO is fantastic for appearing top of search results, you need to also consider the other avenues. The largest of these being social media.

If you are more old school, consider this: social media is to your website, what a newspaper flyer was for your yellow pages ad.

While people searching for your services will use a search engine (the yellow pages), your social media presence (a newspaper flyer) will advertise to all, not just those interested prospective customers. Across both of your ads the style, language, flow and imagery needed to stay the same and its just the same in the digital age. This is known as building a brand identity.

A brand identity will include a company logo, colour scheme, font style, writing style, and personality.

SEO and brand identity work together to:

Increase brand awareness:

  • People are able to find your business easily when your website is optimised, but they are more likely to remember it if you have a clear and obvious brand identity. This means that they will remember your company when they have need of your services.

Boost conversions:

  • A well optimised website will hit the top of the SEO results, attracting 33% of the clicks, but this is only half the battle. If your company branding is all over the place, and feels sloppy or rushed, you wont have many conversions, and you wont capitalise on this SEO success.

Build trust:

  • A company with an effective brand identity is more likely to be trusted. Just take a look at big businesses for proof of how branding influences consumer choices, even for something as inconsequential as cornflakes. Consumers are for more likely to buy the product with the most well known and trusted branding, even if they can buy the same thing for a cheaper price. It’s the branding that makes all the difference.

If you need professional SEO or brand identity support or advice, get in touch today here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston.



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