Commercial blogging and keywords

Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we dont just create amazing websites, we are also content marketing and SEO experts. After all, there is not much point in a fantastic website that is never seen. This is where commercial blogging and keywords come into play. Drawing in traffic to your website doesn’t have to be complicated, not if you know how. As a result, we have produced this guide to commercial blogging and keywords.

commercial blogging and keywords

What is a commercial blog?

First things first, let’s establish what we mean by a commercial blog.

A blog is something that anyone can write. It can be personal, funny, based on travel, or reviewing products or films for example. But for businesses, it is known as commercial blog content. This is where a business creates content on a regular basis, based around the products or services they provide. This is then uploaded to a dedicated section of the website, and importantly, it is also picked up by search engines.

Commercial blogging is not a new concept. In fact, most of the websites you visit frequently will have a blog section. This isn’t just because these companies like the sound of their own voice. Well, maybe it is, I cant be 100% sure! But there is a more important reason: keywords.

Commercial blogging is a method of writing help or advice articles, step by step guides, or informative and persuasive pieces of content. These need to be 100% professional and 100% relevant to your company or business. And through these articles you can help promote the services or products you provide, and link your main website back within this blog. As a result, it gives you another avenue to convince people to choose your company over others.

But how exactly will they find your blog? The answer…

Commercial blogging and Keywords

Now you might know and understand keywords as part of search engine optimisation for your website as a whole. But did you know that they are just as much a part of your commercial blog?

For example, your website might rank highly for “Gas engineers in Preston”, but what about people looking for advice about the boiler? If your website is set up correctly, it should be guiding the website visitors towards the ultimate goal: becoming a customer. So your focus is on professional gas engineers, 24/7 gas engineers, local gas engineers, etc. This is a world apart from all the different boiler problems your customers should look out for, or even which new boiler they should choose. As a result, a website without blog content is missing out on those informative keywords that people who need answers are using to search.

Consequently, using a commercial blog to produce articles targeting the informative keywords that your potential customers could be using is a great way to boost your online presence, and bring more traffic to your website.

And that just about wraps up the link between commercial blogging and keywords. For more information or advice, contact the professionals at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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