Resharing commercial blog content

Producing high quality, original, and interesting blog content can be a challenge. Not to mention adding in the original graphics and images that either take ages to make or ages to source. But no matter the hassle, commercial blog content is an essential part of SEO and web marketing. It also comes in handy for sharing via social media. However, many companies spend a long time producing this content, to only share once. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are Preston’s leading web marketing and SEO experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to resharing commercial blog content.

Responsibly resharing commercial blog content

Spamming your social media page or your blog with the same content is not the way to go when it comes to resharing. This is actually frowned upon, especially as fresh, original content is the content standard. However, resharing responsibly has a fantastic range of benefits. These include:

  • Getting more readers for content you worked hard to create
  • Leaves you with more time to interact with your followers
  • Boosts SEO as more people will be reading and interacting with your blog posts which will be noticed by Search Engines
  • Engagement has a huge impact on SEO and can really raise your SERP rankings

So, how can you reshare responsibly?

Option 1: Update your old post

In the digital world, 3 months is equal to one year! So once your blogs are 3 months old, they could well be out of date. Whether it’s your pop-culture references or your images, out dated content does not serve you well online. As a result, you should never just share older posts without updating them first.

Option 2: Repackage your content

Instead of re-posting or re-sharing your content, why not repackage it? This means putting it into a best of list, or a summary of connected articles. These types of lists can link various articles together, boosting your link juice and getting readers to stay on your page for longer.

Option 3: Share with a different audience

So maybe your content only received lukewarm views on twitter, but what about Facebook? Or how about Linkedin? Switch the audience by switching the sharing channel and you may well be more successful this second time around.

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