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Thanks to CGR Ltd for the amazing review

We love it when our clients take the time to write kind words about us. It makes us feel like we’re doing something right! Pumpkin Web Design created a responsive, dynamic project driven portfolio website for CGR Ltd.  We also are set to work closely with CGR Ltd to ensure that there Google exposure leads […]

Get online

Getting yourself and your business on-line is absolutely essential. We really cant stress it enough. It’s no longer a case of simply owning a website. The on-line environment is more like a digital representation of our world, country, town and village – an electronic mirror image of the real world in which we operate our […]

How can I engage my local community?

When we were approached by Barton Parish Council (Preston) to discuss various website options – we never expected to get quite the level of interactivity from the local community as we now have! Barton is a small village just north of Preston with a small population of 1,096 people according to the 2001 census. Barton […]

How can I get more out of my website?

Getting the absolute most from your internet marketing is without doubt a team effort. You’ll need to communicate regularly with, and be prepared to bounce ideas around with your web marketing providers. For example, if your website isn’t getting the volume of visitors you would like, you should consider talking with you web team about […]