How to make sure your web content gets noticed

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Building a great website is only the first step to your online success. Creating unique, regular, and valuable content will help your website rank highly in search results, while also adding value to your readers. However, with an ever increasing amount of content released on a daily basis, how can you make sure that people read your content? Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are web marketing experts, and this includes content marketing. As a result, we have produced this guide to make sure your web content gets noticed.

Focus your content

It is essential to think of your audience at the beginning of any content production. What does your audience want to know? How can you help them? Writing content that is broad can add depth to your website. However, in terms of search engine ranking, it is likely to be lost among the millions of other content pieces on the same topic. For example, an article about dog walking would be lost among 18.3 million articles.
Instead, you should focus your writing to a specific area of that topic. Or to a specific audience type. If we follow the dog walking example, a narrower topic of “health benefits of dog walking” only has to contend with 3.8 million other pieces.

Create a good title

Your audience is most likely to be searching for an answer to a specific question. Once you have written the content to answer the question, your title needs to show that you have the answers. People want to be able to scan through results, quickly and easily, to find the information that they are looking for. They will be attracted to articles with titles that reflect this behavioural habit.
In addition, a good title is also a huge part of SEO. Your page will rank higher if it has an effective title related to the keyword you want to rank for.

A good title is essential to make sure your web content gets noticed.

Show your personality

With literally millions of articles fighting for attention, you can help improve your chances of being noticed by developing a writing style. Don’t be boring. Instead aim to entertain as well as educate. And be creative. Include your own graphics. This all adds value to your article and your website as a whole.

Layout your article for the reader’s benefit

Make your article easy on the eye for the reader by breaking it up with good headings, bullet pointed lists and short paragraphs. Also, images and unique graphics will help your page look more appealing. This will make people more likely to read your content.
In addition, a good layout will help your page rank higher in search engine results. This is because the page headings and images will be indexed by the crawl bots.

Create content worth sharing

Make sure your sharing buttons are obvious and easy to see. This makes it more likely for people to share your content, but your content needs to be good. Creating content worth sharing means that it needs to be original, unique, interesting or entertaining, and most importantly, of value to the reader.

In summary

There are several ways to make sure your web content gets noticed. If you need more help and advice, or would like support with your own content marketing, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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