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Advantages of using blue in your web design

Choosing a colour scheme for your web design can be a challenge. You need to consider, and include, your company branding colours when deciding on a colour scheme. And choosing three colours that will best fit with your branding can be a nightmare? So, why do so many companies opt for blue? Surely it can’t […]

Visual barriers to web design perfection

From the largest corporation to small local businesses, creating a website that is visually appealing is one of the main factors of online success. But why do so many companies get it wrong? From poor colours to bland graphics, many websites are missing out on customers, because of bad design. But what are these bad […]

Designing an effective website header

Advantages of researching and planning above the fold content

There are many important parts of any website. From the typography to the above the fold content, to the images and visual content, each piece of your web design needs to work cohesively with other aspects to provide a well rounded, effective website. The website header is no exception. So what is the website header? […]

Advantages of circles in web design

Creating a stunning website involves a deep understanding of all things design. But your website doesn’t just need to WOW your audience visually, it also needs to be fully working and practically effective too. This might involve some compromises when it comes to the visual design choices you make. But when it comes to circles […]

Essential features for an eCommerce website

web design manchester

For any business looking to make sales online, there are specific web design features that can’t be overlooked. These features can help bring attention to your products, and also persuade users to purchase your items, which should be the main focus of any eCommerce website. But what are these key features? And how should they […]

Web design features for small businesses offering local services

web design manchester

Small businesses aiming to grow their business online often choose to create a website. This can be a fantastic advertising tool, as well as a helpful medium for increasing sales and bookings for your services. But to really get the most out of your website, there are some key web design elements that you cannot […]