Web design and user experience considerations

Fantastic web design should go hand in hand with user experience. After all, if your users don’t like what you have created, or find the design over-complicated or unattractive, they will not use your services. It also casts a negative light on your business as a whole. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we excel at creating websites with fantastic SEO, and we pair this with top quality web marketing to make sure your company succeeds online. As a result, we have produced this guide to web design and user experience considerations.

web design and user experience considerations

Simple design

Firstly, your web design needs to be simple to understand, navigate and interact with. If a user has to spend too much time trying to figure out how to use your website, they wont stick around. And they certainly wont return. So, if you want satisfied customers, that recommend and return to your company, make sure your web design is straightforward and simple.


Another of the web design and user experience considerations is the font or typography. This is something that should be tied into your company branding, as well as your audience personality. If your services or products have an ideal user, your font should be targeted towards an appealing personality that will stand out to them. Missing the mark on font can be a huge reason why your website doesn’t pull in the amount of conversions it deserves to.


One of the main aspects of web design is colour and imagery. However, it plays a big part in user experience, and this can be overlooked. Colour can be used to make your site easier to navigate and use, as well as to make it easier for users to simply look at and enjoy.

Colours can help you establish a visual hierarchy, which will help your users to make sense of your website pages and clues. This can also be united with your branding, which will enhance the user experience.

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