What are Googlebots and how do they influence your web success?

Making sure your website reaches the right audience is an important part of improving your success online. From social media, to forums and search engines, there are a variety of ways to get your website out there. But for search engines in particular, it is important to fight your way close to the top of the pack, if not the summit itself. This is because the lion’s share of the organic traffic goes to the top result on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). So knowing how to secure that number 1 position is essential. And part of this will come down to Googlebots. So, what are Googlebots and how do they influence your web success? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design we are Preston’s leading web design and web marketing professionals. We provide a wide range of high quality, effective website solutions and content marketing services across Preston and the North West, from Southport to Wigan, as well as Manchester. As a result, we have produced this guide to Googlebots.

What are Googlebots and how do they influence your web success?

So what is a Googlebot? Well, we can assure you it’s not connected to Skynet. In fact, a Googlebot is simply a web crawler sent out by Google, to crawl your website. Every search engine uses it’s own named ad branded web crawlers, including the Bingbot, DuckDuckBot and even the Slurp Bot, to figure out your website, and to rank it accordingly. This means the crawler is looking specifically for particular traits or features of your website. These include:

  • the speed of your website
  • the quality of your links
  • titles, meta-descriptions and alt tags

The speed of your website

Google are looking to celebrate and recognise websites that provide a positive user experience, which it can analyse through the results of the Googlebot web crawler. One of the key things that can indicate the quality of your website to Google, and how well your website meets user requirements, is the loading speed of your website. The quicker the better. As a result, if you want to increase your page rankings, you need to make sure that your page loads quickly, every time the Googlebot comes to call.

The quality of your links

Part of a positive user experience is providing relevant links, either internal or external, to help the user progress through your website. As a result, that too is what the Googlebot is looking at. Make sure that all of your links work and any external links are relevant and of good quality. This could help you climb higher in the search results.

Titles, meta-descriptions, and alt tags

Googlebot scans each of these to understand the content on your page, and rank it accordingly with other relevant search results. This means that you should optimise these with the relevant keyword that you want to found for.

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