How important is website load speed for SEO?

There are lots of different technical aspects of your website that can be optimised to improve the overall performance, including the loading speed. But how fast does your website need to load in 2022? And what is the importance of website load speed for SEO? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are Preston’s leading web design and web marketing experts. And we work with companies across the North West, from Southport to Wigan, and even Manchester. to deliver web marketing solutions that really work. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the importance of website load speed.

What are the optimal loading times for your website?

We don’t like to wait. Especially not online. So if a website takes too long to load, the chances are, we’ll hit the back button. But how fast should your website load, and how long is too long? Well, a website needs to load in under 2 seconds. This might not seem like a long time to wait, but research has shown that websites that take longer than 2 seconds will experience a much higher bounce rate than others.

At the same time, its not just about how long your viewers are willing to wait. Search engines themselves incorporate loading times into their ranking algorithm. And so if your website takes longer than 2 seconds to load, the chances are, it will not rank on the first page.

So, how important is website load speed for SEO?

In terms of SEO, website load speed is important because search engine giants like Google have determined that this is a vital influential factor when it comes to the user experience. And search engines want to direct users to the best possible websites, for the best browsing opportunity. This means that for your SEO, reducing the time it takes for the website to load can be very beneficial. But how does this influence the user experience?

Website loading speed and user experience

A website that loads quality, unique and relevant content quickly, provides a better user experience than one that takes a longer time to load. This is because your audience, and your potential customers, expect to see your content almost immediately after clicking a link. In fact, Google wants this load time to be less than half a second! Ultimately, longer load times create a negative user experience. And this means that you could miss out on a lot of potential sales.

Website loading speed and positive impressions

In addition to the importance of providing a good user experience, your website is actually an online reflection of your company. If your website loads quickly, and shows thoughtful design and top quality content, you will make a great first impression. And because of this, people will be more likely to shop with your company, and use your services.

A fast website also gives the impression of professionalism, and this can have a lasting impact on customers opinions of your company.

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