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What does the Google BERT update mean for small businesses?

As the biggest search engine globally, Google is continually finding ways to make search results more relevant and useful for users. This is what keeps them at the top of the search engine industry. But this also means that for SMBs, updates to the search algorithm can be important to research and understand. Essentially, Google […]

Google Maps marketing for SMBs

When it comes to digital marketing, you might think that simply creating a website, and linking to a business social media is enough. But this strategy is unlikely to be successful, unless you work in a small, niche industry, without much competition. For SMBs struggling to stay competitive online, other marketing strategies will be essential. […]

SMB social media marketing mistakes

Social media is a very effective tool used by companies across the world. Through social media, companies can easily advertise, reach new audiences and promote their products or services in an engaging and innovative way. And as we spend an increasing amount of time using social media in our spare time, businesses can reach their […]

Advantages of infographics for content marketing

Does social media influence SEO?

Content marketing is a key component of success for any business aiming to grow online. And this involves not only creating high quality, effective content, but also distributing this successfully as well. From video content to written articles and blogs, email newsletters to podcasts there are a huge number of content types to choose from, […]

Effective content marketing budget distribution

on page and off page seo Preston

If you are a small to medium sized business (SMB) owner, effective web design, and effective marketing online, will no doubt be important to your company. As part of this you should seriously consider content marketing, for all it’s many advantages and benefits. And if you already use content marketing, you’ll know that a content […]

Personalized search and SEO for SMBs

write to pumpkin web design

An important factor for any business to consider when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and SEO strategy, is personalized search results. Personalized search results are not really a new development in web marketing, but with an increase in voice search, and changes and developments to machine learning, it can be important to understand […]

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The most common data driven content marketing mistakes

what is the purpose of content marketing

Data driven content marketing is all about using data and stats to help determine the best type of content you should produce, the content format, and the distribution process, so that you can get the most value from every single piece of content you produce. This can really help make sure your content, and your […]

The role of high quality backlinks

Top quality content, great social media management, and high quality backlinks, often underpin the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy for businesses. And if a company can secure each of these aspects, they are more likely to land in a higher position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Which leads to more traffic, and ultimately, […]

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