4 features of effective website content

what is the purpose of content marketing

For any company, large or small, developing a website that can increase sales, bookings or sign ups is essential for growth. And the written content on any website should be one of the most important considerations. This is because it is the written text that will educate, inform,and persuade your potential customers or clients that […]

3 small but important pieces of website text

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While effective web design can draw potential customers into your website, pique their interest, and show off your products and services, it’s the text based content that will have the most impact on informing your website users. From landing page content, to the product descriptions, the text on your website can help your potential customers […]

Advantages of effective product descriptions

what is the purpose of content marketing

If you are a company or business looking to sell products online, then there are a number of things you will need to think about. From the landing page web design to the images, video content and written content, every part of your website should be geared towards selling your products, and providing valuable, persuasive […]

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the digital world for SMBs

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With the UK in lock-down, lots of small to medium sized businesses are experiencing an unprecedented amount of turmoil and apprehension. And for many with eCommerce sites, focusing on the digital sales, and digital marketing, has become more important than ever before. However, search habits, and consumer habits are changing because of the current client. […]

Producing content on trending topics

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In our latest blog, we looked at the advantages of evergreen content for a company website. But this isn’t the only type of content that your business should be producing. In fact, there are many types of content that can be just as effective, although each type will fulfill a different role or requirement. Producing […]

Advantages of evergreen website content

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When it comes to succeeding online, with any type of business across all industry sectors, content marketing and effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are both essential tools. These can drive traffic to your website from social media and search engine results, while also helping to build your audience and increase sales and sign ups. But […]

Different types of keyword for SMBs

on page and off page seo Preston

Succeeding as a business online is all about presenting the right image of your company through every form of content. Including your written content. But this also needs to reach your audience, and potential customers. That’s why keyword research is so important, and why so many companies and businesses, across a range of industries, opt […]

Considerations for sharing visualized data

what is the purpose of content marketing

Visual content generally always performs more effectively than text based or written content online. This is because visual images and information are much easier to digest and understand, at a single glance, when compared to reading and comprehending the written word. So if you have important findings, data or information that you want to share, […]