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Hygienic Stainless Steels Ltd – Quote request web design

web design for HSS Ltd

HSS are a tooling and fabrication company operating out of Bamber Bridge, Preston. With a particular specialisation in hygienic stainless steels for the hygienic process industries, HSS manufacture a diverse range of products and as such had a requirement for a website that would showcase the product range, whilst allowing their prospects to request product […]

Increasing organic traffic to your website

For most companies and businesses, the aim of the company website is simple. It’s all about increasing the number of people who use your services, or buy your products. But to do this, your website needs to be in front of the right users. The users that meet your target audience demographic. And the users […]

Marcus Worthington Group – Website Redesign

website design for construction

Following a fast, efficient, friendly and professional redesign of their sister company (Hollinwood Homes) website, Marcus Worthington Group had no hesitation in commissioning us to redesign their main group website at www.worthingtons.co.uk. The team gave us a firm outline of the style of website that they liked and we managed to well and truly hit […]

Advantages of chatbots for small businesses

In the past 18 months, an increasing number of companies have begun using so called “chatbots”. And it’s not just for websites. Facebook messenger even uses a version of this same technology to make it easier for interested customers to ask you questions, and to get instant answers. But what is a chatbot? And can […]

Reduce website bounce rate: tips for local businesses

adding value with social media

Attracting visitors to your company website is only part of your digital marketing considerations. You also need to focus on keeping those visitors on your site, and pushing sales or sign ups. Depending on your company goals, and the aims of your website. People that land on your website and quickly move on again contribute […]

Understanding a good quality backlink

Top quality content, great social media management, and high quality backlinks, often underpin the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy for businesses. And if a company can secure each of these aspects, they are more likely to land in a higher position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Which leads to more traffic, and ultimately, […]

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Content development tips for small business SEO success

Does social media influence SEO?

As a small business, trying to stand out online, attracting traffic and making conversions can be really tough. Especially with all the larger competing companies taking up the digital space. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, your company could muscle in on the online market place, simply by making sure you […]