Google Remarketing

Ever been surfing the internet only to see Google ads which coincidently match companies who’s websites you recently visited? Well it’s not a new thing but we’ve never written about it before – it’s called remarketing, and it’s something that you can set up too! Remarketing with Google is particularly cool if you need to […]

Google Adwords Tips

We thought we’d give you a few Google Adwords Tips.  This is particularly good information with pay per click e-commerce websites.  We’ve written this as if the website in question is fashion related for the purposes of the example. Setup conversion tracking and goals This will allow you to see which keywords generate the highest […]

Thanks to CGR Ltd for the amazing review

We love it when our clients take the time to write kind words about us. It makes us feel like we’re doing something right! Pumpkin Web Design created a responsive, dynamic project driven portfolio website for CGR Ltd.  We also are set to work closely with CGR Ltd to ensure that there Google exposure leads […]