Use your blog to answer any questions your customer’s could possibly have!

A great way to drive targeted traffic to your website is to use your blog as a platform on which to answer every possible question your customers may have. For example, you may be running a fashion store online, and one question your customers may have could be “how should I wear a bodycon dress?” […]

Awesome web design tools

We thought we’d write a quick blog outlining some of the great tools that we use on an almost daily basis to create captivating websites. In no particular order – here we go: WordPress:  The most used, open source blogging software on the internet.  Free to install on either WordPress’s own servers or as a […]

A recipe for SEO success

As you may know by now, we’ve been working on a huge project recently.  It is the website for an online fashion shop called Missy Empire, and so far, the results have been staggering. With over 40% of the traffic on the website being organically generated via Google, we thought we’d write a quick blog […]